Systemic Delivery, Local Effects

Actym has developed an attenuated, microbial-based, technology platform called STACT (S. Typhimurium-Attenuated Cancer Therapy). In preclinical studies, STACT specifically enriches in many types of solid tumors and not in healthy tissue. Once there, STACT delivers multiplexed immuno-modulatory payloads directly to tumor-resident antigen-presenting cells. Many of these payload targets are intractable using conventional approaches due to systemic toxicities after IV dosing.

Furthermore, STACT has been engineered to deliver payload combinations, which facilitates engagement of multiple biological pathways from a single therapy. The STACT platform is protected by a robust patent estate which includes an issued US patent that covers the core technology through at least August 2039.

Our Pipeline

STACT Manufacturing – Simple, Scalable and Feasible

Our drug is manufactured by a fermentation process in less than 24 hours. Our process is scalable, inexpensive, and does not require a custom facility. Many thousands of doses can be obtained in a single GMP run.