Tumor Targeting via Systemic Delivery with Localized Immunotherapeutic Impact

Actym’s microbial-based technology platform, STACT (S. Typhimurium-Attenuated Cancer Therapy), represents a new modality in cancer therapy due to its unique mechanism of action and its potential to overcome the challenges posed by the immune-suppressed tumor microenvironment.

  • Focused Tumor Localization: STACT specifically enriches in solid tumors while sparing healthy tissue. This selectivity is crucial as it reduces the risk of off-target effects and systemic toxicities. This approach is achieved through the careful engineering of our proprietary microbial vehicle, ensuring it homes in on cancerous tissue.
  • Immune Modulation in the Tumor Microenvironment: STACT delivers combinations of immuno-modulatory payloads directly to tumor-resident antigen-presenting cells. This localized approach enhances the immune system’s response against cancer cells within the tumor microenvironment, thereby minimizing the potential for systemic immune-related side effects.
  • Payload Combinations: STACT has been designed to deliver a wide spectrum of payload combinations, which allows for the simultaneous engagement of multiple biological pathways. STACT’s ability to deliver multiple payloads can increase its effectiveness in tackling the heterogeneity of tumors and overcoming resistance mechanisms.
  • Safety Profile: The targeted and localized nature of STACT’s action, along with its selectivity for tumor tissue, offers a promising safety profile. By reducing the impact on healthy tissues and minimizing systemic side effects, STACT aims to improve the overall quality of life for cancer patients undergoing treatment.
  • Innovative Approach: STACT represents a departure from conventional cancer therapies as our microbial-based technology leverages the unique properties of attenuated S. Typhimurium to selectively target and modulate the tumor microenvironment. This novel approach opens new possibilities for cancer treatment.
  • Patent Protection: STACT is protected by a robust patent estate, including an issued U.S. patent that covers the core technology through at least August 2039.

Our Pipeline

STACT Manufacturing – Simple, Scalable and Feasible

Our drug is manufactured by a fermentation process in less than 24 hours. Our process is scalable, inexpensive, and does not require a custom facility. Many thousands of doses can be obtained in a single GMP run.