Actym’s revolutionary therapeutic platform represents the next frontier in immuno-oncology, delivering multiplexed payloads directly to tumor-resident, antigen-presenting cells, after IV dosing.

Our Revolutionary Science

Actym has developed a novel, systemically administered therapeutic platform that can overcome the tumor immune microenvironment, which is hostile to T-cells. Our platform is based on a gene edited, immunologically cloaked microbe capable of enriching in solid tumors. Once there, multiplexed immuno-modulatory payloads are delivered directly to tumor-resident, antigen-presenting cells which allows for the multinodal targeting of the cancer immunity cycle.

More About Our Technology


Actym Therapeutics is a dynamic, innovative, and fast growing company. Our people are our greatest asset. Come join us! We are always looking for outstanding scientists who share our passion for scientific innovation and are guided by our core values.

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