At Actym, we’ve established the STACT platform as the cornerstone of our product pipeline—a versatile and codified platform producing a new drug modality. STACT empowers us to develop a diverse range of product candidates poised to target and tackle numerous tumor types, representing a significant step forward toward more comprehensive, durable cancer therapy.

Product Candidate
Lead Optimization
Phase 1
ACTM-838 STACT IL-15plex + eSTING
STACT Payload Combo 2
STACT Other Payloads


The development of our lead candidate, ACTM-838, involved a rigorous selection process to identify the most effective payloads for targeting myeloid cells within the tumor microenvironment. Through meticulous screening and evaluation, two standout candidates, optimized IL-15 and STING, emerged as the top choices. These payloads were not only individually potent but also demonstrated an exceptional synergy when combined, maximizing the therapeutic impact of ACTM-838.

ACTM-838, upon selective internalization within the tumor microenvironment, delivers these highly potent and synergistic payloads. The strategic combination of optimized IL-15 and STING aims to trigger a durable and comprehensive immune response, elevating the potential for a robust antitumor effect.